More Clean Energy on the Horizon for Maryland

A new wave of clean energy production is coming to Maryland, from just off the state’s shores. In accordance with the Offshore Wind Energy Act of this April, 40 new wind turbines will be constructed off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. The project is projected to be completed by 2018, and is a big step in meeting the state’s green energy goals.

A Green State on the Rise

According to a recent Clean Edge study, Maryland is currently 25th in the nation for supporting clean energy development. As a home state to many of Clean Currents’ 10,000 individual and 3,000 commercial customers and with the Offshore Wind Act in place, it’s clear that Maryland is fighting to rise in those rankings. The new turbines will certainly be putting wind in the sails of Maryland’s fight against climate change. This installation alone could reduce annual carbon emissions by 378,000 tons.

What Does This Mean for Me?

If you are an Ocean City resident, this is especially significant for you. This 200 megawatt wind installation will be placed at least ten nautical miles off the coast and will be used to power your home. In fact, a wind farm this size could be used to power a third of the entire eastern coast of Maryland.

If you are a resident of another area in Maryland, you will still feel the benefits of this Act. Some of the aims of the Ocean City wind farm are to stabilize and reduce the costs of wind energy in Maryland and to create 160 ongoing jobs after completion. 850 additional jobs will be created in the five-year construction of the wind farm as well. An installation of this size could also save the state $17 million annually in health costs by cleaning up the air we breathe. In addition, by reducing the amount of electricity we import into the state, offshore wind will help reduce clean electricity costs for the entire state.


Lofty Goals for a Clean Energy Future

The development of offshore wind is just a part of the vital advancements in Maryland’s clean energy future. Through Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standards, the state is committed to producing  20% of Maryland’s energy from renewable sources by 2022. As the Offshore Wind Energy act allots resources for 500 megawatts of wind installations, this Ocean City project is just the beginning. With new jobs in sustainable industry, cleaner air, and cleaner energy on the way, the future for Maryland looks pretty green.