Wedding Flowers

The Importance of Organic Wedding Flowers

For people who want to reduce their carbon footprint there are many ways to do this without sacrificing anything. Even on your wedding day it is easy to find ways and means to ensure sustainability, including a photo booth by Lumin8 events, so harsh chemicals are not used in printing out photos.

Flowers are another important part of the whole wedding scenario. If you have fresh flowers there are several ways in which to ensure they are eco friendly. But why does it matter?

You might think it is only one little wedding so using any kind of flowers won’t matter.  However, the more we all do to help save the earth the better off it and we, will be. Besides, many wedding flowers are sprayed with chemicals to prolong their life and keep pests away. If you are carrying a bouquet of such flowers, you may even be absorbing those chemicals into your skin.

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