Wedding Flowers

For people who want to reduce their carbon footprint there are many ways to do this without sacrificing anything. Even on your wedding day it is easy to find ways and means to ensure sustainability, including a photo booth by Lumin8 events, so harsh chemicals are not used in printing out photos.

Flowers are another important part of the whole wedding scenario. If you have fresh flowers there are several ways in which to ensure they are eco friendly. But why does it matter?

You might think it is only one little wedding so using any kind of flowers won’t matter.  However, the more we all do to help save the earth the better off it and we, will be. Besides, many wedding flowers are sprayed with chemicals to prolong their life and keep pests away. If you are carrying a bouquet of such flowers, you may even be absorbing those chemicals into your skin.

Organic flowers

So when ordering flowers, look for an organic supplier. Try to find one that goes straight from farm to the purchaser, even if you have to get someone to make a special trip to the farm to pick them up, because the fresher they are the longer they will last. Then you will also need to have a person expert in making up the bouquets. This is not always possible, so don’t fret.

If you cannot access flowers in this way, ask the flower seller where they purchase their flowers from, then check out that place over the Internet, if the seller doesn’t know whether they are organic or not.

Being organic is also about saving waste. You can have someone wrap bouquets from the table flowers at the end of the reception and offer them to guests to take home. This will give people a lot of pleasure and saves putting perfectly good flowers in the bin. You could also have them taken to a local hospital or nursing home to cheer up sick people.

Potted flowers
Using potted flowering plants for the table decoration is another eco friendly suggestion. That way, guests can take them home and plant them as a permanent reminder of the lovely wedding they attended.

When it comes to the bridal bouquet, many brides really want a great big bunch. However, think about how heavy this will be to carry during the ceremony. When you are nervous, having that lead weight to anchor your hands into position can be really uncomfortable. A smaller bouquet could be much easier to carry, more budget friendly and will look just as nice – even nicer if your wedding is more on the informal side.
Of course, you could also use artificial flowers, especially if you suffer from allergies. If so, choose silk ones rather than paper flowers.