About Us

About UsOur Philosophy

At Clean Currents, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to protect and hopefully improve our natural environment while conducting their operations.

As an environmentally responsible business, we also view our actions through the lens of impact to the planet.

Our commitment to sustainability runs through all facets of our business operations. We endeavor to:

  • use environmentally friendly vendors, if available;
  • offset all of our electric, operational and travel related greenhouse gas emissions;
  • purchase environmentally friendly paper and products;
  • provide a green benefits package to employees;
  • purchase energy efficient computers, lights and office equipment;
  • recycle all material that is eligible to be recycled; and
  • support sustainable business associations

Clean Currents is committed to promoting solutions to today’s biggest environmental challenges – global warming and air pollution.

The technology exists today to dramatically cut the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Businesses should join together with citizens and elected leaders to promote a vision of a cleaner, better, future free from the threat of global warming.