Garden Preparation

Garden Preparation for Winter

The experts at Space Landscape Designs tell us that summer is still with us, but it’s always good to plan for autumn and winter to make sure your garden stays at its best and prepares itself for the next couple of seasons. Many of your plants and shrubs will feel and look good if you give them a proper trim before winter hits. Plants such as perennials and ornamental grasses won’t mind a short back and sides. Landscape plants can retain their shape for the following spring if they get a healthy pruning.

Different Strokes …

Remember – not ALL plants need to be pruned for autumn. If you have rhododendrons, azaleas and lilac, that bloom in spring for instance, don’t cut these back. Just a light trim after they bloom is okay. You don’t want to accidentally prune the flowers.

How About Winter Protection?

There is a phenomenon called “transpiration” in your landscape plants in winter. It means that they lose moisture faster than they can take it in. This can cause severe damage to the leafy tissue of the plants. If this keeps happening over a few winters, the leaves will permanently disappear and that affects photosynthesis.

You can winter protect your plants with a few sprays to protect them from the cold weather. Perhaps three times is enough through Autumn. These sprays are not 100% fool-proof, but they will certainly go a long way towards protecting the health of your plants.

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Green Landscaping

What Is Green Landscaping?

Green LandscapingGreen landscaping has nothing to do with just having more plant life. It’s a commonly held misconception that having lots of plants, trees, and turf is automatically going to be better for the environment. You might feel more in tune with nature while you’re enjoying your extensively groomed and maintained yard, but the amount of resources that go into many such areas is astounding.

To do your landscaping in a green way, you could choose someone like Lone Pine Landscapes and enter a mindset of saving all resources, including power, money, and time. A truly green landscape is going to encourage the growth and health of local wildlife, without affected the soil, air, or water in a negative way. These can be great places for family and friends to play and relax, without worrying about what kinds of nasty substances they might be absorbing into their bodies, and without fearing harm of the environment.

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green landscaping ideas

5 Eco-Safe Landscaping Ideas

You might want a lovely garden to enjoy when you’re relaxing at home. But does the idea of running the environment, just so that you can have a little piece of nature on your property, worry you? It doesn’t have to! There are plenty of modern, smart, and even affordable green landscaping ideas for you to consider. Helping to save Mother Earth can literally start with landscape design right in your own backyard if you do it the responsible way.

  1. Less Lawn Is Greener?

While you might have less actual green in your yard, in terms of lawn coverage, going without as much grass is really the greener option. Even removing turf that’s already in your yard can save a lot of water and cash. If you hate the idea of having a yard that’s completely void of any grass, consider simply reducing the amount that you have. Replace it with some eco-friendly plants instead, or a walking area that’s sustainable.

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