Financial Planning

Let Your Financial Planner Advise You How To Fund Home Improvements

If you are intending to make improvements to your home there is no getting away from the fact that they are going to have to be paid for. The question is ‘How?’. This will be best answered by employing the services of a financial planner. Whether your project is large or small they can analyse your household budget and based on the amount of money required for the home improvements determine which is the best method of financing it.

When a financial planner is helping you to plan a garden or home renovation project, their overriding objectives are to ensure that your cash flow is sufficient for you to complete the project and that there is no risk of you being unable to meet your normal commitments.

For smaller projects such as decorating, the amount of money required will not normally be that high, and it could be you are happy and willing to fund it from the cash you have in your savings account. It may well be that this is what your financial planner advises, however, they will assess if the increased value of your property covers any loss of interest you receive.

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Green Home Renovations

Easy Green Home Renovations

Home RenovationsHome renovations are not only great for improving the look, value, and functionality of a home. They are also a practical way to decrease how much your home costs to live in each year. To get the most out of your upcoming building makeover, why not look into some of these green home renovation ideas?

Insulation Saves Heating and Cooling

One of the main areas where heat escapes your home is the roof. It makes absolute sense to keep it as well insulated as possible. While the roof is typically the easiest to add more insulation to, seeing as there are access points that allow entry, what about the walls? Unfortunately, it’s not usually feasible to just open up a wall to add better insulation. But if you are going to do some extensive renovation that involves opening up or adding walls, you have the perfect opportunity to better insulate your home in the process.

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5 Green Kitchen Renovation Tips

Renovating your kitchen with someone like the Kitchen Professionals not only costs a lot, but this type of work tends to take a great toll on the environment. Staying eco-friendly often means spending less money, so keep this in mind when you’re worrying about the possible costs of going green. Below are some great ways to cut down on waste in your kitchen without spending big.

1. Reuse, Upcycle, Recycle
See how recycling is the last thing mentioned above? That’s because recycling uses more resources than simply directly reusing or upcycling. To break something down and turn it into a like-new, practical material is harder than you might think.

Kitchen renovation, as our modern society knows it at least, sees old kitchen fittings undoubtedly ending up a part of our landfill problem. Your old kitchen fittings might not be useful to you anymore. But don’t throw them away, because they might be perfect for someone else’s home. Advertise on social media or classifieds and tell others that you have something they might be able to use. If you were just going to throw it out anyway, why not give things away for free? Take some photos to go with your notices, so people can see that you’re offering something worth having, rather than trying to unload junk.

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Home Design Features

9 Passive Home Design Features for Sustainability

Home owners who want their home to reflect the sustainability practices that are becoming popular need to look at the design of the home right from the start. Fitting such elements after the home is built is much more costly and sometimes cannot be done at all, depending on the original design.

Here are 9 passive home design features that you can add to your home in the planning stage without it costing any more. This will reduce the carbon footprint, make the home more comfortable and keep costs much lower than they would be otherwise.

  • Make sure large aluminium windows are installed on the north side as they will then allow winter sun into the living rooms. Use wide eaves and other shading for the summer when the sun is higher in the sky and won’t shine on the windows as much.

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