5 Eco-Safe Landscaping Ideas

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green landscaping ideas

You might want a lovely garden to enjoy when you’re relaxing at home. But does the idea of ruining the environment just so that you can have a little piece of nature on your property, worry you? It doesn’t have to! There are plenty of modern, smart, and even affordable green landscaping ideas for you to consider. Helping to save Mother Earth can literally start with landscape design right in your own backyard if you do it the responsible way.

  1. Less Lawn Is Greener?

While you might have less actual green in your yard, in terms of lawn coverage, going without as much grass is really the greener option. Even removing turf that’s already in your yard can save a lot of water and cash. If you hate the idea of having a yard that’s completely void of any grass, consider simply reducing the amount that you have. Replace it with some eco-friendly plants instead, or a walking area that’s sustainable.

  1. Consider Artificial Grass

Okay, you’re probably reeling in horror at the suggestion that synthetic turf could possibly be in line with a go-green attitude. But think about it for a minute; the average landscape that’s covered with grass uses an insane amount of water and other resources to keep in lush and green. There’s also the cost of maintenance, including using lawnmowers than run off petrol most of the time. Your own green oasis is far more resource intense than even a natural garden landscape. If you want to reduce your overall costs and your imprint on the planet, it absolutely makes sense to use synthetic turf and or products such as stone or rocks in your yard. Some areas even offer rebates to homeowners who are willing to do this.