10 Reasons to Consider Ducted Air Conditioning

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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a central unit with ducting leading from it into every room of the house. While it is usually installed in new builds, it can be fitted into a home that is already built so long as there is enough room in the ceiling cavity to do so. Flat-roofed homes will not have enough room under the roof, but it might be possible to install it in another place. Consult with the experts first if you are considering this type of air con for your home.

Here are some reasons to consider ducted air conditioning for your home.

  • While it may seem expensive, it is cheaper than installing a split system or even a window air con for every room in the house. Remember, the ducting will be taken into each and every room you want to be cool in the heat of summer.
  • If you use refrigerated ducted air conditioning, it can also be used to heat the home because it is a reverse cycle. Evaporative ducted air cons are not reverse cycles. These are often used in hot, dry climates as they add moisture to the dry air. However, in hot, humid climates they are not acceptable because they increase the humidity.