5 Reasons To Include Glass Fencing In Your Sustainable Landscaping Plan

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Glass Fencing

Sustainable landscaping is becoming an increasingly popular trend throughout Australia and the world. According to Intreeg Landscapes, many landscape designs in Australia include swimming pools and some pool fencing, so you must consider your fencing options carefully.

Although there are a variety of different fencing options out there for your pool fence, glass pool fencing is famous as one of the most sustainable choices. Glass is an environmentally friendly alternative to things like plastic or cheap metal fencing, and here are five reasons why you should include it in your landscape design plan:

  1. Glass Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice

When it comes to pool fences, Glass is one of the most sustainable building materials. It is relatively simple and energy-efficient, and its core components can be sourced easily through relatively non-destructive mining practices.

Glass also has a very long lifespan, which means that your pool fence will need to be fixed or replaced much less often. Glass is often the best pool design for fences and looks great with modern landscaping, when your glass pool fence does eventually need to be replaced, the old panels and metal fixings can be recycled.