Child Developing Myopia

How to Prevent Your Child Developing Myopia

Studies have proven that children of all ages are far less likely to suffer from myopia when they play outside for 3-4 hours a day. This might seem like a lot, but you can count at least one hour of a school day; recess and lunch, and then there is sports. With some outdoor furniture from droversinsideandout to relax in, you can be comfortable while watching over your children.

No parent wants their child to develop any disease or ‘defect’, especially if it can be prevented. The trouble is that most people just don’t realise how many things could easily and simply be prevented by taking the simplest of actions. For instance, many children develop myopia or nearsightedness when they need not, with the result they have to wear glasses for the rest of their lives.

This is not only costly, but can decrease their self confidence and even prevent them from playing certain sports. Yet it is easily preventable. How?

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Eco Friendly Kitchen

Design Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen with Care

eco friendly kitchen designModern kitchen design by someone like colray cabinets has certainly come a long way, and in just a relatively short time. You probably still think of terms like “going green” and “eco-friendly” as mere buzzwords that companies use to try and appear progressive and caring of the environment. But sustainable design and building practice is much more than just some fad. It’s a way to allow people to take care with how they impact the planet, while choosing building designs that are holistic and better for everyone.

Planning Your Design

A lot of people don’t like to think about environmentally friendly design because they think it’s too hard or expensive. All it requires is some careful forethought, but that goes for any building or design project that you want to turn out well. One of the biggest keys to working sustainably is doing things to right way the first time. If you choose to install an eco-friendly kitchen design that you can’t live with, ripping everything out and starting again will defeat the purpose of trying to go green in the first place.

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eco-friendly home removals

Is DIY Home Removal Eco-Friendly?

Even the most experienced eco-friendly home owner might come to a dead end when they need to move to a new home. Home removals are said to be one of the most stressful and exhausting things that the average person does. You can help yourself by checking past reviews carefully and choosing a highly rated removalist like Brilliance Removalists Perth, but first you need to consider whether you are going to hire professionals to move your belongings, or if you will just do it yourself.

Figuring out which of these options is better for the environment, and for your wallet, can be a chore in itself. And that’s before you’ve even started to organize things. Take a look at these pros and cons when you’re thinking about easy and eco-friendly home removals.

Moving Yourself: Pros

  • You call the shots. This is a big factor for many people, but you shouldn’t let it be the only deciding factor. If you don’t want people you don’t know going through your things and being trusted not to damage anything, professional movers might not be the best option.

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home furniture removals

Home Removals the Eco-Safe Way

If you were to ask Brilliance Removalists Melbourne you would learn that plenty of people are embracing a more green way of living, but get stuck when it’s time to home furniture removals. This is not something that your average person thinks about much, until it comes time for them to move home themselves. Yes, it is absolutely possible to stay eco-friendly when you are moving.

Think about all the waste that quickly adds up when you move from one home to another:

  • Gas for vehicles
  • Packing foam and peanuts
  • Plastic from all sorts of products
  • Mountains of cardboard boxes
  • And the list goes on

And there are things that will no doubt end up in landfill in the near future. Is that how you want to mark the milestone of moving into your new home?

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green landscaping ideas

5 Eco-Safe Landscaping Ideas

You might want a lovely garden to enjoy when you’re relaxing at home. But does the idea of running the environment, just so that you can have a little piece of nature on your property, worry you? It doesn’t have to! There are plenty of modern, smart, and even affordable green landscaping ideas for you to consider. Helping to save Mother Earth can literally start with landscape design right in your own backyard if you do it the responsible way.

  1. Less Lawn Is Greener?

While you might have less actual green in your yard, in terms of lawn coverage, going without as much grass is really the greener option. Even removing turf that’s already in your yard can save a lot of water and cash. If you hate the idea of having a yard that’s completely void of any grass, consider simply reducing the amount that you have. Replace it with some eco-friendly plants instead, or a walking area that’s sustainable.

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Move House Green Way

You Can Move House the Green Way

If you’ve been trying to reduce your impact on Mother Earth, you might be caught in a conundrum when it comes time to move house. Home removals can be extremely wasteful, and people often don’t realize there are lots of greener ways to go through the process.

No More Cardboard Boxes

According to Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, if you know that house removals use up to 50 or more cardboard boxes on average? That equates to one large tree, and all just to move your things from one location to the next. What happens to all that cardboard after it’s been used one time? It is sometimes recycled, which is good but still uses a considerable amount of resources. Otherwise, the boxes are just throw away and add to the already high pollution of the planet. Instead of using cardboard boxes to move home, why not think about a more eco-friendly option?

Getting some used cardboard boxes is a good way to do things. However, the boxes are going to need to be junked eventually. They can only be re-used a certain number of times before the material becomes too damaged. It’s better to start with something more environmentally friendly right from the start, and discourage the use of cardboard boxes completely.

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Eco Friendly Pools

Do Eco-Friendly Pools Exist?

Swimming pools are one of the most sought after additions to a home, but can they actually be eco-friendly? If the summer is getting to you, making everyone in your household hot and uncomfortable, it’s hard to resist the urge to install your own pool. But it’s not hard to imagine how a swimming pool in every backyard would quickly become a catastrophe for the environment.

That cooling, calming water that so delicately washes away stress and boredom comes with some nasty secrets. The typical swimming is kept clean using chlorine. This is meant to keep swimmers safe by killing germs and preventing a buildup of other hazardous denizens from forming in the water.

Chlorine is not only an irritant to human skin and eyes, but it can be harmful to respiratory function. Kids who regularly go in swimming pools that are treated with chlorine, have a higher chance of developing asthma or allergies. In adults, being exposed to chlorine can possibly lead to rectal cancer, bladder cancer, and perhaps even a higher chance of heart disease.

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Commercial fencing

How to Reduce Vandal Damage on a Building Site

Vandals seem to be drawn to a building site like bees to honey, but they are much more destructive. If there is no security fencing, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and may injure themselves into the bargain. While the building company usually uses some kind of secure fencing, if the site is going to be fenced eventually, why not do it right away?

A large site has plenty of room for all the equipment that is needed, so they shouldn’t need all four sides of the property for access. Commercial fencing can be erected all around three sides and the fourth left for later. This will save time in getting it completed once the building crew has finished.

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