Are You Eco-Friendly?


How would you define your level of sustainability? Do you think you do your part to make the world a better place? Are you trying to leave it in better condition than you found it? Ask yourself these questions, and see if there are improvements you can make, or if you’re already doing more than you first thought.

What Do I Use to Carry My Groceries? 

Single-use plastic bags are slowly being phased out throughout the world, but not quite everywhere. What do you use to carry your groceries? Have you invested in material or cloth bags that you can use over and over again? Or, are you still relying on supermarkets and stores to provide you with packaging? If it’s the latter, consider investing in your own bags for future shopping trips.

Do I Recycle? 

We live in a country that actively encourages recycling, so do you partake? Do you separate your paper, plastic, glass, metals, and waste? Do you make a special effort to make sure all trash and recyclables leave your property in the correct bins? And, if you don’t have a recycling service to your home, do you go out of your way to deliver your recyclables to a centre?

A considerable number of products you use every day can be used again, so think of this every time you throw your plastic or glass in your waste bin.

How Much Fuel Does My Vehicle Use? 

An average passenger vehicle in Australia, as of 2018, used 10.8 litres per 100km, or around 1,366 litres per year. Would you consider your vehicle to be fuel-efficient? Could you upgrade to something that’s a little less thirsty? Not only is a fuel-efficient car often better for the environment, but your wallet too.

Do I Drink Bottled Water? 

Australians spent around $2 billion on bottled water in 2015, with tens of thousands of water bottles ending up in a landfill. If you buy bottled water, is there a way in which you can avoid your contribution to landfill waste?

Invest in a metal water bottle, refill it from your tap, and reduce your impact. If your tap water is not safe for consumption or does not taste the best, consider the installation of a filtration system.

Do I Receive Paper Statements and Bills? 

Most utility providers, banks, and other businesses now offer the option of electronic statements, bills, and mail-outs. Not only does making these digital ensure they can’t get “lost in the post,” but it also saves thousands of reams of paper every year, postage costs, and greenhouse gases due to a reduced need for transport. What’s more, you can organise your bills and statements in folders in your email, saving clutter in your home.

After answering these questions above about your approach to sustainability and the environment, how do you feel? Could you be doing anything more than you’re doing now? Are you going to do even more? There’s no better time than now to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious existence.