How to Create a Sustainable Garden

Sustainable Garden

It can be a challenge to work out how to live a life that promotes and encourages sustainability. When you’re surrounded by single-use products and non-environmentally-friendly practises, taking the first step is both frightening and tricky. However, you would be amazed at just how easy it is to create a sustainable garden for your family. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks, used by renovations experts, to start you on the right path.

Get the Right Tools

If you’re not a natural-born gardener, then you may not even know where to start. How about beginning with a few essential tools? Head to your local gardening centre and pick up a compost bin, a rainwater barrel, a shovel and spade, and a soil tiller. These few items can put you on the right path to complete sustainability.

Choose the Garden Location

While you might think you can plant a garden at random and see it produce results, a landscaper will tell you that’s not often the case. You have to factor sunshine, water, and shelter into your decision. If you don’t, then you may be extremely disappointed when the time comes to harvest.

If you’re not sure where the best place might be to plant, then draw an area out and watch how much sunshine it gets during the day. Also, pay attention to moisture levels to be on the safe side.

Plant Strategically

Water is a precious resource, so you need to make sure you are planting in such a way as to both preserve it and take full advantage of it. Set your rain barrel up to collect water for use in your gardens. This is a staple requirement of sustainability.

It’s also a good idea to plant your plants according to their water requirements. Place your drought-resistant plants in one area, and your thirsty plants in another. You can then make sure all your plants get as much as they require, without overwatering them.

Composting for Healthy Soil

Price isn’t the only thing that can put you off purchasing compost – so too can the addition of chemicals. If you prefer a chemical-free compost that’s both organic and healthy for the environment and your soil, then why not make your own?

You can create compost out of leaves, wood, natural and organic matter, and newspaper. Alongside boosting your soil health, compost can also prevent weed growth.

Recycle Materials

A huge part of sustainability is reusing materials. The fewer things you buy new for your garden, the more sustainable it can be. Think about the materials you need to build your garden from that may be able to come from another source. For example, scrap wood can form trellis, and plant tags can be pieces of wood, rather than plastic. You can even use old single-use takeaway coffee cups as vessels for growing tomatoes from seed.

The world needs to focus on sustainability more now than ever before. Are you ready to lead the way? Begin planning your sustainable garden. Use recycled materials, plant vegetables and fruits that can sustain your family, and reap the rewards come harvest time.