Catering Wherever the Wind Blows

The pioneering spirit runs strong in the Wool family. Mitch Wool owns The Bean Bag Deli & Catering in Rockville. Although the deli moved locations several times, the Wool family has been in business for 36 years! When his parents started the company in the late 1970′s, there were only three coffee shops in the entire DC area, making them, in Mitch’s words, “true pioneers”. This entrepreneurial spirit clearly passed to the next generation; not only is Mitch a pioneer of clean energy as a customer of Clean Currents, he continually drives his family’s business in diverse new directions.

Although loyal lunch customers visit the deli itself, catering has become the business’ most dynamic and exciting aspect. The Bean Bag fills virtually any request, from mobile espresso bars to tantalizing sandwich menus to specialty donut stations. Often, Mitch even accommodates customers’ requests for uncommon, off-the-menu items. This includes teaching himself how to prepare crab and purchasing the necessary equipment for an omelet bar!

Born and raised in the Rockville area, Mitch is committed to the community and does what he can for the environment to help the area he loves and, he says, “I’m in it for the long haul.” There is no doubt this dedication earns The Big Bean’s reputation for quality and engagement- they go big! Their traditional sandwiches are monstrous, and Mitch compromises by offering smaller sandwiches called “Beanies,” which are still the size of most other restaurants’ full fares. Much of The Big Bean’s menu is derived from Mitch’s mother’s recipes, though he innovates plenty as well. With options such as mayo-free chicken salad and fresh cookies throughout the day, how could anyone resist such creative, sustainably-powered food?