Clean Currents attends the Social Venture Institute Conference

The Social Venture Institute conference took place October 19th & 20th in Philadelphia, PA. Over 200 representatives, owners, and members of a multitude of socially conscious businesses operating across the mid-Atlantic came together to connect, learn, and share their experiences. A rousing set of speakers, including Maggie Anderson (author of Our Black Year), Alejandro Velez (Founder of Back to the Roots), Mandy Cabot (Founder of Dansko), Michael K. Pearson (Founder of Union Packaging), and many others, provided great context and insight into the world of social entrepreneurship, its impediments, and advantages in the greater Philadelphia region.

Throughout the conference, there was amazing energy in the room. Much like our experience at the B-Corp retreat, we were reminded yet again that special things happen when socially conscious businesses come together. Spending two days with business owners whose mission goes beyond their own profits was inspiring. And, sharing challenges and insights about ways to make a profit without sacrificing our core values reminded us why we are a socially conscious business to begin with. Thanks for a great event, Sustainable Business Network!