Clean Currents Shores Up Support for Offshore Wind

Encourages Energy Suppliers to Back Offshore Wind Act of 2013

Clean Currents presented a letter of support for Maryland’s Offshore Wind Act of 2013 to State Representatives in Annapolis, MD today in anticipation of final passage of the bill. Although other suppliers were invited to lend their support to the letter, Clean Currents is the only supplier signing on.

The bill mandates electricity suppliers and electric utilities to utilize a certain percentage of offshore wind in their energy mix while preserving the integrity of the restructured electricity market.  The bill would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bring economic activity to Maryland, and provide a long-term stable electricity resource.

“Mandating the use of offshore wind as part of the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard is a vital part of growing the clean energy economy. It will be good for Maryland’s economy, our environment, and our future. We support this bill without hesitation,” states Gary Skulnik, Clean Currents’ President.

Clean Currents representatives delivered the statement of support to Senate President Mike Miller, House Speaker Mike Busch, Senator Thomas “Mac” Middleton, and Delegate Derrick Davis. The bill was recently approved by the Maryland House in an 86-48 vote and is expected to come to a vote on the Senate floor today.

Calls and attempts to contact other energy suppliers and their association were not answered.

About Clean Currents

Clean Currents is the Mid-Atlantic’s leading, independent green energy company, supplying both national and local Green-e Energy certified wind power through the grid to residences and businesses.  Since its founding in 2005, Clean Currents has built a vibrant green community in the region, counting over 12,000 residential and 1,500 commercial customers across Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania.  Last year, Clean Currents customers purchased enough wind to offset nearly 300,000,000 lbs of CO2e. Clean Currents is a registered Benefit LLC and a certified B-Corporation.