Greener in Greenbelt

Greener in Greenbelt

Choose Green Power, Save Money and Support Greenbelt

Clean Currents is a licensed clean energy broker/aggregator offering special fixed price contracts for wind power at rates lower than PEPCO’s standard rates.* Even better mention “Greener in Greenbelt” when you sign up and Clean Currents will donate $15 to the Greenbelt Community Foundation.


It’s easy!

When you are ready, click on the “ENROLL” button at the bottom of this page. Remember, you will need your BGE or Pepco account number to proceed.

1.  Choose the percent of green and the term you want.
2.  Fill out your information.
3.  Don’t forget to put “Greener in Greenbelt” in the “How did you hear about us?” field.  That’s how we know you’re in the group!
4. Read the terms and conditions.
5.  Click “submit”

For more information contact: Brian Eglsaer, Operations Manager, Clean Currents