How Clean Currents Wind Power Works

Residents and businesses in Washington, DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania have the power to choose their electric supplier. If you pay your electricity bill, you can choose to support renewable energy every time you turn on your lights.

The Quick Answer

When you switch to Clean Currents, you will still receive one electric bill from your utility. However, Clean Currents will be responsible for the generation and transmission of your power. For all the electricity you use in your home or business, we purchase enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match your electricity usage.

The Long Answer

The Power Grid

Our national electric grid is comprised of different sources of electricity: coal, natural gas, hydro power, nuclear, wind, and solar power. Currently, the vast majority of our national electric grid is powered by carbon fuels. And, electricity generation is the single largest source of carbon emissions. By switching to Clean Currents, you help increase the percentage of wind power that is added to the national grid.

More Green Power!

Once an electron is placed on the grid, it becomes impossible to trace. Therefore, choosing Clean Currents wind power does not mean that your electricity is coming directly from wind farms. It does mean that the electricity being placed onto the grid on your home’s behalf comes from pollution-free renewable wind power, rather than from polluting, CO2 emitting generation sources like coal.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represent the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. RECs also ensure that the same amount of power you use in your home is created by a wind farm and added to the national power grid, reducing the need for dirtier sources of power.