How to Reduce Vandal Damage on a Building Site

Commercial fencing

Vandals seem to be drawn to a building site like bees to honey, but they are much more destructive. If there is no security fencing, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and may injure themselves into the bargain. While the building company usually uses some kind of secure fencing, if the site is going to be fenced eventually, why not do it right away?

A large site has plenty of room for all the equipment that is needed, so they shouldn’t need all four sides of the property for access. Commercial fencing can be erected all around three sides and the fourth left for later. This will save time in getting it completed once the building crew has finished.

Vandals can cause a whole lot of damage, increasing the cost of the job and causing delays while repairs are being made. Delays are another reason the costs can blow out. They can also make the worksite unsafe for those that have to work there, so it is in the company’s best interests to have the right kind of secure fencing if the site is not already fenced.

Many building sites have high mesh fencing with barbed wire across the top and this is good, except that determined vandals or saboteurs may be able to cut through it. However, if a court case arose due to injury or damage, the company could certainly not be accused of any lack of safety precautions with such a fence.

Other precautions could be lighting and clearing bushes from around the perimeter so that there is nowhere for a vandal to hide.  The gate is also an access point if it is not as high and strong as the fence. It is essential to ensure the gate is securely locked and that the hinges are as strong as possible. The posts on each side of the gate also need to be strong and installed in such a way that they cannot be moved.

When all this has been seen to, vandal damage is much less likely to occur, with any potential vandals choosing an easier target than the building site. One of the first things to do with any building site is to fence it. Fencing and a gate also directs traffic into the area in a specific place, making it safer for those working there.

The building site is a noisy place with machines and other equipment making it difficult for workers to hear approaching traffic. This can pose a hazard to all those working on the site as well as the truck drivers coming in. When the fence is up the traffic will all have to keep to the same area, away from the actual work being done.