McCabe’s Cooks up a Sustainable Future

McCabe’s Restaurant in Hampden is taking on sustainable dining one dish at a time. After reading a review on Yelp which described McCabe’s as having “…soul of a West Village gastropub”, we had to learn more. We sat down with Cora Flynn, General Manager to discover all the different ways this Hampden gem is embracing sustainable dining.

CC: Why did you think it was important to support clean, renewable wind energy?

CF: We feel it is important to support clean, renewable wind energy because we are invested in the future for our children and would like them to live in an environment that is healthy and viable.  Choosing a sustainable resource is just one way in which we feel we are reducing our impact globally and locally.

CC: Why did you pick Clean Currents?

CF: We chose Clean Currents because it is community oriented, an environmentally responsible choice and it was surprisingly affordable.

CC: What actions in your personal or professional life have you taken to reduce your climate impact?

CF: Here at McCabe’s, the staff and management have regimented recycling in daily procedures.  We sell our used fryer oil to a company that turns it into Bio-diesel.  We reuse bags both plastic and paper.  We use biodegradable carryout containers, cups and dinnerware. We recycle all of our plastic containers, aluminum cans, glass bottles and paper.  We try to use the air conditioning as little as possible by opening doors.

CC: Anything else we should know about McCabe’s?

CF: McCabe’s uses locally sourced produce and proteins as much as possible.  For example; our burgers are from Springfield Farms and our breads are from Stonemill Bakery*.  We also make our own sours, simple syrups and cherries for the bar, which cuts down on packaging and shipping.

CC: Do you have any special events this fall?

CF: We have a wine dinner featuring five wines paired with a five course tasting menu from three different Regions in Italy, October 1st at 7:30pm.   There is also a will Firkin night on October 16th starting at 7pm.   A second wine dinner featuring a portfolio from France is scheduled for October 22nd.

McCabe’s offers a dining experience for everyone. Follow McCabe’s on Twitter to learn more about Karaoke and other special events.

*StoneMill Bakery is 100% wind powered by Clean Currents.