The Fest is Wind Powered: How About You?

This year, The Philly Farm & Food Fest is powered by 100% local Pennsylvania wind. And, your home can be too!

Clean Currents is the region’s only Certified B Corp green energy company. The Fest team loves them because they give back to the community, but you’ll love them because you can get 100% local wind power at home.

To celebrate all things local, Clean Currents is buying your ticket* to the Fest when you sign up for wind power at home before April 12th.

*24 -48 hours after you sign up, Clean Currents will send you an email with instructions for how to redeem your complimentary ticket to Philly Farm and Food Fest. You’ll just enter a promotional code to get tickets you can print at home – so easy!

By making the switch, you will:

  • Support the development of domestic wind power
  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint
  • Join a community of thousands who have already made the switch to wind power

Clean Currents wind power for home is an easy option:

  • No special equipment or installation required
  • No change in billing or electricity service
  • No change in dependability of power
  • Rates are competitive with standard utility rates

Learn more about how Clean Currents wind power works