The Home-Business Connection

Entrepreneur Bob London embodies the link between sustainability in business and in personal life. Bob has a stellar, forward-thinking disposition. As a senior marketing executive for several large companies over the years, Bob recognized small and medium businesses’ need for marketing expertise and leadership, despite lacking the funds to hire a full-time executive. From this, London, Ink was born.

Through his business-to-business consulting firm, companies have access to Bob’s marketing expertise without the expense and risk of hiring a full-time senior marketing executive. Bob calls his role “Virtual VP of Marketing,” –sometimes referred to as “Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer” or CMO–allowing him to serve companies on an interim basis and explore these clients in order to determine the best marketing approach for them. The increased flexibility of having a portfolio rather than a single employer allows Bob to work out of his home.

He found the inspiration to make the switch to wind power from his children. Bob’s two sons are increasingly conscious of sustainability issues, from food ethics to pollution. Bob cites his children’s engagement as motivation; he wants to live a life that makes his kids proud.

Bob views the switch to Clean Currents as a rewarding way to make a contribution to a sustainable future. The transition was easy – nothing changed, except for how he felt about his energy supply. All he could say was, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

This influence does not just stay within the London household, however. Bob looks forward to sharing his experience with other small business owners in the tight knit Montgomery County professional network. With people like Bob spreading the word, we’re all working toward a more sustainable future in Montgomery County and beyond.