The Wind Beneath Blackbird Pizzeria’s Wings

Three years ago today, Mark Mebus and Ryan Moylan opened Blackbird Pizzeria, a (that’s right you guessed it) 100% vegan restaurant specializing in pizza that dabbles in sandwiches, salads, and wings (okay, maybe you did not guess the vegan part).  More than just a niche market endeavor, Mark and Ryan set out to create an extension of themselves as individuals.

Blackbird Pizzeria began to manifest itself about 15 years ago when Mark made the decision to become vegan.  He also attended the Natural Gourmet School in New York and has worked in two vegan restaurants over the last decade.  His partner, Ryan Moylan, a graphic designer educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York is also vegan–so there was really no question in their mind that their restaurant would be vegan.

There was also no question of whether or not Blackbird would run on clean, renewable energy.  With a commitment to sustainability, and a little peer pressure from their circle of friends, Mark and Ryan now run Blackbird on 100% wind power.  In addition, the restaurant sources from local farms, uses compostable packaging, turns used fry oil into biodiesel, and recycles and composts when possible.  “We feel as though everyone should be considering the environment”, Mark explains.

Mark also believes that part of owning a business involves contributing to and being a part of the local community.  Originally from Philadelphia, he is devoted to embedding Blackbird with the local scene.  He and Ryan donate pizzas to community events and participate in local urban farming projects. They also seek to make Blackbird a community gathering space where people can come together to enjoy a slice.

Our favorites? The “Haymaker”, the “Popeye” ,and the “Cubano” sandwich–but the entire menu is tantalizing.  So, if you find yourself in the Philadelphia area anytime soon, head to Society Hill for some vegan goodness–I know I will!

Happy 3 year anniversary to Blackbird Pizzeria!  Clean Currents wishes you many more to come!