Ways to be Sustainable with Your Fence


According to professional fencing company Eline Fencing, sometimes you have no choice when it comes to home  fencing if fencing contractors have already been and gone, with the type of fence already chosen and erected.  Even if you don’t like the fence much, or think it is not an eco-friendly choice, it is better to leave the original fence there for at least a few years because that in itself is an eco-friendly action.

Pulling it up and replacing it will cost you more and take up more of the earth’s resources. The best way to practice sustainability with the fence that is there, is to look after it so it lasts for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to make your fence last longer.

  1. If the fence is a timber one, make sure you paint or oil it regularly to prevent weather damage and rot. When painting, wash any soil or dirt off the boards and make sure every surface is painted, including the bottom of the palings if they are above ground. If you have a garden alongside a picket fence, don’t allow soil or mulch to touch the bottom of the boards, as that can rot them more quickly.
  2. If the fence is made from steel panels, rust might be a problem, especially if you live close to the coast. Again, it is better if soil or wet grass is not left against the steel panels. If the surface is damaged so the steel underneath shows through, dab some paint over it to protect it from salt-laden moisture. Make sure the paint is suitable for steel and is not water-based.
  3. Wire netting fences can sag and tear and they can also rot. Make sure you keep them strained tight as this helps the moisture drain off them and they won’t rust so soon.

If your fence is damaged in any way, have it mended properly so it still does the job it was designed for. However, if your property suffered from flood or fire, or if the fence is really old, it will most likely need to be replaced.  This is the time to start looking for sustainable materials for your fence. You can completely change the style of fence you have at this time, taking into consideration the needs of your family.

Children need to have a safe place to run and play – one that can contain the kind of toys that might otherwise end up over the fence and possibly chewed up by the neighbour’s dog. Most people go for steel panel fencing because if offers privacy, it is sustainable since steel is completely recyclable, and it lasts a long time.

Having a good secure fence gives you peace of mind that your home is less likely to suffer from vandals of thieves.