Why Support Clean Renewable Wind Power?

Clean Currents notes four major rationales for supporting renewable energy:

Energy Security & Independence:

Supplies of fossil fuels that power our automobiles and electric generators come from increasingly unstable parts of the world.  Although most coal power that is used to generate electricity in the United States comes from domestic sources, a large percentage of the oil, diesel, and natural gas that is used to supply our electric generators comes from abroad.  Abundant and free wind and sun grace our country and we should harness it in order to secure a more stable energy future.

Decrease Air Pollution & Ecosystem Destruction:

Carbon sourced power plants (power plants that run off of coal, oil, and natural gas) are the biggest source of air pollution in the United States. Air pollution such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, VOCs, CFCs, toxic metals, and particulate matter (smog) spew from carbon power plants, as well as from automobiles and other sources, fouling our air, water, and natural ecosystems.  They are also a leading cause of asthma, and other respiratory problems.  Supplying power plants and refineries with the carbon sources they need also creates massive amounts of ecosystem destruction.  An increasing amount of coal is mined using a process called “mountaintop removal”, where entire ridges are blown apart to extract coal seams deep within the earth.  Traditional methods of drilling oil can be equally destructive and result in major spills, while a newer method of extracting oil, by mining oil shale, can be even more destructive – leaving vast areas of forest denuded.  Power generated from the wind and the sun produce zero associated air pollution, leaving our skies, our landscape, and our lungs cleaner.  Learn how Clean Currents wind power works

Fight Climate Change:

Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity produces large amounts of heat-trapping gases – chiefly carbon dioxide and methane.  These greenhouse gases trap an increasing amount of heat in the upper atmosphere, warming our earth – otherwise known as climate change.  By switching to clean, renewable energy such as wind or solar power you are decreasing the demand for carbon sourced energy.

Green Jobs / New Energy Economy:

Using coal and oil as a main source of energy is a 19th century technology.  We no longer use morse code to communicate or slide rules to perform calculations.  The clean energy industry is all about cutting edge ideas, technology, and implementations that can provide literally hundreds of thousands of good, domestic jobs.

How To Purchase Clean Wind Power

Maryland and Washington DC have de-regulated energy markets.  This means that residents and businesses here can choose their electric supplier.  When you choose to go green at home, you are helping to accelerate development of new domestic wind power facilities and you are helping to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from carbon sourced electric generation.

Residential customers have two choices with Clean Currents wind power:

  1. Neighborhood Wind™  The highest quality Green-e Energy certified wind power produced within our local electricity grid – Clean Currents premium offering
  2. National Wind RECs  Support the domestic wind power industry with Green-e Energy certified national wind – green power that’s affordable