Wind Farms

The United States has some of the best wind resources of anywhere on earth.  In fact, the country’s wind power potential exceeds 30 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or nearly 10 times the country’s existing power needs (NREL Wind Resource Potential, 2010).

Clean Currents buys renewable wind energy from a number of domestic sources which vary depending upon which Clean Currents wind power product you chose (National Wind or Neighborhood Wind™).

Clean Currents sources its Neighborhood WindTM from Pennsylvania

The Highland North Wind Farm is located within the PJM electric grid, covering Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.  Electricity produced by the wind turbines at Highland North feeds directly onto the same grid that our homes, businesses, shops, and schools pull power from.  By choosing Clean Currents Neighborhood Wind™, you are helping to increase the share of renewable energy right here in our region.

Clean Currents sources its National Wind RECs from the following domestic wind farms:

  • Adair Wind Farm – Adair, Iowa
  • Carroll Wind Farm – Carroll County, Iowa
  • Flatwater Wind Facility – DuBois, Nebraska
  • Petersburg Wind Farm – Petersberg, Nebraska
  • Turkey Track Wind Energy Center – Blackwell, Texas
  • Rolling Hills Wind Farm – Massena, Iowa
  • Victory Wind Farm, Carroll County & Crawford County, Iowa