Office Sustainability

Business Benefits of Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Many businesses, such as web design companies and others, decide to follow sustainability guidelines because they have done their research and found that not only will it help the earth’s resources to last longer, but it also positively impacts their bottom line. Perhaps even more importantly, when done for the right reasons, it gives the web design company a good reputation.

Here are some of the reasons for going green in your business –

  • You can receive specific government grants and assistance.
  • Your company will spend less on water, power and raw materials.
  • You and your company will receive positive recognition through various, numerous environmental awards.
  • It is possible to find new markets for services or goods that are ‘green’.
  • Because you’ve reduced wastage and the use of hazardous chemicals, your workplace will be safer, and costs will be lower.
  • Employees will be happy to work for you because they know about increased workplace safety.
  • A positive impression in the minds of both employees and customers will be created when they know what your stand is on environmental issues.

There are many incentives and tools to help in the quest to become more environmentally caring. However, implementing some practices is just a matter of common sense in many cases. For instance, cutting back on using paper by saving documents in digital form and only printing them out when you need them on paper will save storage and waste costs and time since it is usually easier and quicker to find digital files.

Other easy ways to save on costs and to be environmentally friendly are: –

  • Using LED lighting or compact fluorescent lights
  • Using motion detector lighting for rooms that are not always in use
  • Purchasing ethical products – even tea and coffee
  • Make sure your office equipment is suitable for the output you have
  • Turning office equipment and lights off when they are not being used and ensuring all are off overnight and at weekends
  • Having staff bring their coffee mugs they can rinse and re-use each day to save the waste of paper or plastic containers
  • Adding potted plants to the office to improve air quality
  • Using ergonomic, adjustable computer chairs and desks
  • Encouraging wellness, such as smoking cessation or non-smokers, and participation in charity events, such as fun runs, to engage your employees.

There are many more ways companies can become ‘green’, supported by various government bodies. By doing minimal research for your state, you’ll be able to find out what they are and how to implement them. Be sure you get staff on board by making it fun for them and offering benefits where possible.