Business Spotlight Community Forklift

Clean Currents staff member Nicole Dvorak had a chance to sit with Ruthie Mundell at Community Forklift to chat all things sustainable interior design.

Community Forklift is the area’s leading thrift store for new and reclaimed flooring, cabinets, lumber, appliances, paint, doors, windows, bricks, lighting, radiators, hardware, insulation, sinks, tubs, toilets and more.

Here’s what Nicole learned about the ins and outs of shopping for reclaimed furniture and decor:

The Scoop

Everyone is looking for a great piece of furniture, filing cabinet, sink, something to re-purpose for our living space while not dropping a wad of cash on it.  And while we’re out there desperately trying to find a coffee table that *might* fit our style and not break the bank, if we could be eco-savvy AND help the community at the same time, we’d feel even groovier about it.  Enter Community Forklift.

Getting Wasted

The statistics are staggering.  Over HALF of solid waste in the U.S. is construction and demolition debris.  It’s gets thrown in the dumpster and gets to sit in a landfill forever (ugh).  Thankfully, Community Forklift gladly takes salvageable material—from antique lamps to screws to bricks, shutters, sinks, cabinets, couches, wood, you name it—and sells it at amazingly great prices, re-claiming what are all perfectly great items for you and me to find and get slap-happy giddy about (how satisfying is it to get a great deal?  It’s why we all grab for Groupons and lunge for Living Social).

It’s Not Just about the Stuff

We’re not just talking about tile, stoves, and sandpaper here.  Re-directing these items from the trash and giving them a new home, a new life, means that it creates JOBS for those who are needed to help run the show.   It helps those who might not be able to afford the most basic pieces of furniture have the opportunity to do so.  And it helps every member of this global community live in a world where we didn’t need to create 500 more things from what are already depleted resources.  This isn’t about stuff.  It’s much bigger than that.

What You Need to Know

You can visit.  You can donate items that you’re looking to get rid of (don’t send them to the dump!).  You can even keep track of Community Forklift on Twitter, where they post the latest and greatest deliveries (so cool).   Come out and see them and take a look, let them know we say hello, and give them a high-five or two while you’re there (they deserve it).

And don’t forget about their Garden Party on Saturday, March 31st, 11-4. There will be lots of lawn and garden products for sale, live music, costume contests, raffle prizes, and fun.