Solar Thermal

With Clean Currents Thermal, Installing a money-saving Solar Hot Water System at Home is Easy and Affordable

A Solar Hot Water system is the most energy efficient way to heat water – and hot water is the second biggest energy hog in your home.  That equates to a potential savings of hundreds of dollars a year!

Clean Currents Thermal uses the latest technology in solar hot water systems, exclusive to our partner Sunnovations.

Why Solar Hot Water?

An average American household spends up to 25% of its total energy use on heating water (second only to space heating and cooling). For most homes in the Mid-Atlantic, a solar hot water system will provide anywhere between 65% to 80% of a home’s hot water needs from the sun’s rays.

What does a Clean Currents Thermal System Cost?

Numerous state and federal rebates and incentive programs help to decrease the upfront cost of a solar hot water system.  For example, with a Maryland state rebate sales of renewable energy credits, county incentives, and a 30% Federal tax credit, the net cost of a new solar hot water system is around $3,000 with an average payoff in as little as 6 years!

An average family of four with an electric water heater can expect to save $500 per year after installing a solar hot water system. *You may also qualify for a zero interest loan.

Clean Currents Thermal Makes it Easy

The team at Clean Currents Thermal designs your custom solar hot water system and takes care of site analysis, permitting, coordination with plumbing and structural issues, and processes all solar rebate paperwork.

Clean Currents Thermal will install your solar hot water system in two days or less, and with Sunnovations patented technology, there are no moving parts or electricity draw with your system. With Clean Currents Thermal, you will enjoy peace of mind with our turnkey installation and service.

What our Customers Are Saying

“The Clean Currents Thermal installation team was professional and able to complete all the work as promised.  They have been exceptionally responsive to any questions we have had about system operations.  The system works better than I could have hoped and produces hot water even on the coldest days.”

– David B. installed Solar Hot Water in December 2011, Clarksburg, MD