Clean Currents Difference

Our Mission: 

Energize communities for a clean energy future by enabling individuals and businesses to make responsible choices that protect their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact.

Our Core Principles:

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Engage at the Community Level –

We are deeply involved with our customers, working in neighborhoods and in other local groups where we do business to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and build strong green-minded communities. We want to be an energy supplier that offers not only green energy but also a customer experience unmatched by other companies.

Profit but with a Purpose of Selling Exclusively Green – 

Unlike other companies that make most of their money by selling polluting power, we only focus on green power.
Operate Sustainably – 

We lead on environmental issues by being the only energy company in the United States that is certified as a B Corp and Benefit LLC. This means that an independent third party verified our sustainable operations and our commitment to all stakeholders (employees and community), not just stock holders. Being a B-Corp and Benefit LLC means that we incorporate sustainability into our legal operating documents. View our B Corp audit here.