The Inn at Horn Point

In Annapolis you’ll find a bed & breakfast that combines 100 years of history with modern sustainability; and owner and proprietor Cory Bonney wouldn’t have it any other way. As a life long nature lover and photographer, Cory wanted the inn he purchased in 2000 to reflect his values as well.

Before its official opening as a B&B in 2002, there were a number of updates, upgrades, and expansions to make on the property. The building was previously a corner grocery store and home based business built at the turn of the 20th century. At the turn of the 21st century Cory began updating it for another type of home based business.

As part of the upgrades, Cory installed highly insulated windows and repurposed concrete siding and side boards to reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling of the house. The aluminum roof was coated with 20-year paint, a more durable, long term option. Cory took advantage of the strides forward in energy efficient household appliances, including replacing all the old inefficient incandescent light bulbs, using 5 zoned programmable thermostats for the air conditioning, and modern high efficiency washer and dryer units.

Where the Inn at Horn Point really excels is in the 4 R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew. Despite having over 1700 guests a year, and housing his entire family (Cory, his wife, plus four children), the Inn sends less than one standard 30 gallon trash can to the landfill per month! Cory also invested in three 50 gallon rain barrels that he uses on his organic herb garden filled with drought resistant plants. This helps the Inn cut down on its water use and reduces the carbon footprint of the food they consume.

Cory was sick of wasting food, so five years ago he began composting the Inn’s food scraps and leftovers. By lining the bottom of an empty kitty litter container with egg cartons, he created an easily accessible and odorless compost container he keeps under the sink that he can periodically take out to his compost pile that enriches their organic garden.

After composting at the Inn for the last few years, Cory helped his neighbors start their own compost systems that one neighbor actually uses to help feed her chickens. Not only does the Inn’s compost pile reduce what they are contributing to the local landfill, but it also has provided nutritional supplements to the gardens and animals of Cory and his neighbors.

The other key to sending only one trash bag to the landfill a month is recycling. He gives credit to the area’s excellent recycling facilities that accept everything from water bottles and soda cans, to often overlooked items like aluminum foil, cling wrap, and plastic bags. Cory even goes so far as to disassemble old pens into the parts that are recyclable.
While running the Inn at Horn Point, Cory shows us that with a few deliberate lifestyle changes it’s easy, healthy, and beneficial to live and work more sustainably.

The Inn at Horn Point is located at 100 Chesapeake Ave  Annapolis, MD 21403 (410) 268-1126