Clean Currents: The Matchmaking Business

Bikers rest after a morning of touring Baltimore’s parks

True love blossomed between wind powered businesses at the Tour Dem Parks, Hon annual bike ride. Clean Currents came out to feed weary athletes pedaling their way through Baltimore’s parks.

Riders young and old got to enjoy a taste of Michele’s Granola and B’more Organic’s drinkable yogurt. B’more Organic operates around their core values of generosity and sustainability – they donate 10% of all profits to the charity Jodi’s Climb for Hope. Michele’s Granola, – named after founder Michele Thornett- sells wholesome, mind-blowingly delicious granola, which happen to make excellent energy-boosting snacks in the middle of a long bike ride.

Taking a biking break at the Clean Currents rest stop, Deb Hoffman, owner of wind powered The Big Bean coffee shop had her first taste of Michele’s Granola, and love blossomed.

After this chance encounter over the weekend, Deb grabbed up Michele’s Granola for her own enjoyment and to provide to her customers at The Big Bean. This is an exciting example of two Clean Currents customers, who are clearly already like-minded, connecting and forging a new, mutually beneficial partnership. We are so happy to be able to play matchmaker for these great local businesses!