“Sometimes a girl’s gotta have some chocolate!” – Carrie Underwood

Are you like Carrie Underwood and need to have your chocolate fix? Now you can feel a little less guilty as you partake in all the wonders of chocolate. The artisan factory of SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier is wind powered by Clean Currents!

Sustainability is key, from the actual growing of the cacao beans to the roasting and finally, the beautiful chocolate creations. SPAGnVOLA grows the cacao beans at their estate in Hato Mayor Del Rey, Dominican Republic and their Gaithersburg factory is where all the magic happens.

We sat down with Laura Brooks to learn more about SPAGnVOLA and why the environment is important.

CC: Why did you think it was important to support clean, renewable wind energy?

LB: Clean energy is important because it follows SPAGnVOLA’s philosophy of clean and sustainable practices.

CC: Why did you pick Clean Currents?

LB: We chose Clean Currents because they offered us an opportunity to meet our energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner.

CC: What actions has SPAGnVOLA taken to reduce its climate impact?

LB: SPAGnVOLA works constantly to reduce our climate impact beginning with our farm. Our chocolate is cultivated without the use of chemicals or pesticides. We use sustainable and recyclable packaging whenever possible. We also offer a discount for customers who return their original packaging.

CC: What would you like customers to know about SPAGnVOLA?

LB: Our customers should know that it is our true passion and honor to cultivate, produce and provide the highest quality single estate chocolate. We connect farmers to chocolate and our customers to our farm.

CC: What are some of the fun activities happening at the factory?

LB: We offer private chocolate making classes and birthday parties! The best way to learn more is by following on Facebook and visiting our website

Next time you are in need of a chocolate fix, head over to their location in Lakeforest Mall or indulge your senses with a tour of the factory.