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Clean Currents’ own Claire Douglass testifying to protect customer rights

Clean Currents testifed at the DC Public Service Commission (DC PSC) hearing on deceptive marketing and sales practices by alternative energy suppliers.

Complaints about deceptive marketing practices by alternative energy suppliers have skyrocketed over the past few years, prompting a hearing. Many of our customers have faced issues with other alternative energy suppliers, ranging from being enrolled without consent to being unable to cancel their contract. We find these practices unacceptable and are calling on the Public Service Commission to do something about it.

We are asking the DC Public Service Commission to institute higher standards for transparency and accountability to ensure consumer protection among alternative energy suppliers operating in the District of Columbia.

Post Hearing Update

At the hearing we heard testimonies from people who had been deceived by their energy supplier. It was shocking to hear how some suppliers have convinced people they will give them lower rates, only to double or triple their rates after a few months. Others were left listening to never-ending ringing, when they tried to call the supplier to complain. So many people have no idea how deep the truly problem runs.

At Clean Currents, we speak with customers every day who want to switch to Clean Currents because they’ve been mislead and ignored by their current supplier. Customers shouldn’t be treated like this. That’s why we support a wider investigation of all third party energy suppliers — not just one or two known offenders.

To improve customer protection, we’re collecting stories from residents and businesses in DC who have had an issue with a supplier. If you’ve experienced problem, click the below link to share your story. Together we can promote further investigation and stronger regulations protecting customer rights.

A Different Kind of Energy Company

At Clean Currents, our goal is to build a sustainable future by supplying wind power to businesses and residents of Washington, DC. As the first energy supplier to become a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to transparency, community, and accountability – not just profit.

Our recently filed 2012 Benefit Report outlines the steps we take to be a Certified B Corporation and the many ways we are a different kind of energy company.