Green Neighborhood Effect

What is the Green Neighborhood Effect?

It’s a Community Powered by Clean Energy!  As a resident of Maryland or DC, you can choose to have your business or home powered by clean wind energy.  With the Green Neighborhood Effect you can also have your community, school, or house of worship powered by clean wind energy!  In addition to helping your community, school, or house of worship save money on their electricity bills, we are also providing an extra incentive: Clean Currents will donate $10 per household sign-up to your registered community for use towards a “green project”.  Start a community garden, plant trees along sidewalks or medians, replace common-area light bulbs with fluorescents, etc.  The more people who sign-up for wind power and refer your community, the more resources you will have to complete your green project.  All we ask is that all funds are used for a community greening project and that you complete it by summer 2010.
How Does the Green Neighborhood Effect Challenge Work?
1)  Simply register your community (below).  *If your community is already registered, please refer them when you sign-up yourself.
2)  Encourage your neighbors and friends to sign-up for wind power and remind them to refer your community.
3)  Clean Currents will provide any necessary info and materials that you or your neighbors may need in order to spread the word.
4)  The Clean Currents Team is available to give a brief in-person presentation at your next community meeting.