Conscious Corner: Multiple Paths to Healthy Living

Wind powered Conscious Corner is a family of stores and a restaurant that are dedicated to healthy living. The cornerstone of the shopping experience is Roots Market (2 locations) which offers a wide selection of natural food products. Conscious Corner also includes, Boulder (1 location), Nest (1 location), Great Sage, and Bark (5 locations).

We sat down with Kathryn Hamilton who handles marketing for Conscious Corner to learn more about the values that drive this unique shopping opportunity.

CC: Why did you think it was important to support clean, renewable wind energy?

KH: Conscious Corner firmly believes in living and consuming consciously. As our mission statement says, we are passionate about the planet we share and strive to adopt policies and programs that align with our mission, such as wind power.

Coal power, for example, causes too much air pollution, acid rain, groundwater contamination, and in some cases removes mountaintops. Wind power not only saves the air from toxic pollutants but also preserves the land more so than coal mining. Wind is an energy source that will never run out and is completely recyclable. And that’s just the beginning of a very long list of reasons why Conscious Corner 100% supports wind power.

CC: Why did you pick Clean Currents?

KH: Clean Currents was an easy choice! Its local, it’s affordable, and the customer service is incredible. Working with Jessica and Lizzi was not only educational but very comfortable. They took the time to inform our employees and our customers about the benefits of wind power. Clean Currents is a company that has a similar vision as Conscious Corner with a dream to educate our area about sustainability and empower people to take responsibility for our planet.

CC: What actions in your personal or professional life have you taken to reduce your climate impact?

KH: Roots Market works tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint as a company and vigilantly educates our employees to be inspired to do the same. Roots Market implements educational seminars for employees every quarter and covers a wide range of topics: from wind power to veganism, reducing your carbon footprint to fair trade. These seminars are used to educate employees on how crucial it is to be aware of your impact on our planet.
We compost, recycle, and are 100% wind powered.

CC: Anything else we should know about your business?

We’re an entire corner of eco conscious businesses! Roots Market is the anchor store of a little corner with a big mission! Next door to us is Great Sage: a completely vegan, farm to table restaurant; Nest is an eco friendly, natural home goods store which prides itself in its fair trade products and artisan goods; Bark! a Pawsitive pet store specializing in vegan pet food and eco friendly pet supplies; and Boulder: the perfect place to find vegan friendly menswear.

CC: Do you have any special events this summer?

KH: Thursdays at the Corner is our Conscious Corner wide celebration every third Thursday during the summer months. The idea is to provide a family friendly atmosphere to customers from all of our stores: you receive a passport and collect a stamp from each store and earn a 5$ giftcard when you collect them all. You can peruse a sidewalk sale at Nest, catch sports recaps and cold beverages at Boulder, learn about pet adoption and participate in “Yappy Hour” at Bark, meet local vendors and learn about different diets at Roots, and finish at Great Sage to listen to local music and collect your gift card.

On July 13, we are hosting a Forks Over Knives Tasting Event and on August 17 we will be sampling Local Treasures. Both events will take place at both Roots locations from noon — 4pm.

Our Roots Cares Series is on Monday evenings at the Great Sage from seven to nine in the evening. August 26th we will be screening the movie Peaceable Kingdom.

With multiple locations, your Conscious Corner shopping experience is not far away. Spend a summer afternoon on the patio at Great Sage or stop by Bark! during one of the pet adoptions.