Clean Currents Solar PPA

A Clean Currents Solar PPA Puts Affordable Solar Power Within Your Reach

Protect Your Family Against Rising Energy Costs

With a Clean Currents Solar PPA, you pay us for the power your solar system produces each month, but at a rate that can be lower than your current utility rates.

Get All Your Clean Energy on One Convenient Bill

There’s no hassle of going to different vendors.  With a Clean Currents Solar PPA, you get your on-site solar power and your grid-delivered wind power all on the same bill!

Work With the Brand You Trust

Clean Currents is the Mid-Atlantic’s leading green energy supplier.  We are the region’s only energy company that is a certified B-Corp, which means that our commitment to the environment and to the communities in which we operate is baked into our corporate DNA.  Clean Currents is also the only energy company in the region that focuses exclusively on green energy – green isn’t an afterthought to us, it’s why we exist.

Free Installation

Our partners at SolarCity®, the nation’s largest full service solar provider, will design and install your system for free.

Premium Service and Support

A SolarCity® premium service package includes system monitoring.  SolarCity®constantly monitors your system’s performance with SolarGuard®.  If problems do arise, SolarCity service crews will be notified and dispatched to get your solar system back online.

  • Repair Service: SolarCity® owns the equipment and is responsible for repairs, such as inverter replacement
  • Insurance coverage: Their all-inclusive system coverage protects against damage or theft
  • Performance Guarantee: They guarantee that your system will produce as much electricity as promised or you will be paid the difference