Spotlight On: Georgetown

Georgetown is a beautiful, historic DC neighborhood that isn’t generally considered the leader of the pack on green initiatives.  But, we found that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Restaurants, real estate agencies, churches, clothing shops, and nonprofits are all working to reduce their impact on the environment.  Here are just a few of the neighborhood’s burgeoning environmental initiatives.

Restaurants, Real Estate & Design Firms Lead the Way

Many Georgetown businesses are reducing their environmental footprint by switching to wind power. Along with some other pretty cool initiatives, they’re leading the way for green businesses in the area.

If trying new food is your thing, go for lunch to Sweetgreen. The first location of the franchise, Sweetgreen in Georgetown has mind-blowingly delicious salads with locally sourced ingredients. They’re annual music and food festival, sweetlife, is coming up in May.  For the seafood lover, check out Blacksalt Fish Market & Restaurant: they both sell and serve up fresh, sustainable seafood and often grace the various “Best of DC” restaurant lists.

After that, stop by Everard’s Clothing, a high end store that carries many different designers and was recently featured on Larry King.

For design ideas and services, go to Studio Santalla, an architecture and interior design company providing services in both offices and homes. The Bennett Group helps companies find sustainable office space and are committed to sustainable design.

The Dumbarton House historical museum not only protects our past treasures, but also makes sustainable choices to protect the future.  Oh, and they host fun events like the history of chocolate. The Georgetown Presbyterian Church, which supports another wind-powered nonprofit group, Martha’s Table.

Community Initiatives

Community organizations, hotels and embassies are taking big steps to reduce their carbon footprint and make Georgetown a greener place.

Students in the area are leading the way! The recently launched Climate Center at Georgetown Law is a great place to find up-to-date policy information regarding green initiatives and pollution on both a state and federal level.  Sustainability at Georgetown University is attempting to cut the carbon footprint of the campus in half by 2020.  Their projects include reducing plastic water bottle waste and providing sustainability information to students.

The French Embassy recently installed Green Roofing (it has many benefits), runs on wind power, and uses geothermal heat.

If people coming to visit you need a place to stay, if they stay at The Westin, their unused products won’t go to waste.  Their Green Initiative donates unused shampoo and soap to those without.  Savory Suites, another hotel in the area, has implemented the Great Green Project, which includes selecting eco-friendly cleaning agents, lighting, and hygiene products, as well as initiating water conservation, using wind power energy, and expanding recycling in the hotel.

Thank you, Georgetown, for doing your part to cut down on waste and bulk up on sustainability!  We look forward to seeing what new and exciting projects you come up with this year.