Go Green Power!

Go Green, Go Smart… Save $ While you Help Save the Environment!

  • Reduce your organization’s CO2 emissions, help combat global warming, and clear the air.
  • Increase investor and analyst confidence in your sustainability practices, and improve your environmental performance record.
  • Foster employee and customer loyalty through community action.
  • Strengthen your brand’s association with a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle
    • Add Clean Currents logos to your marketing materials.
    • Receive certificate and banners to display at your business
    • Press releases or other media to get the word out
    • Introduction to clean energy homeowners through Clean Currents newsletters and sponsored events

How does Clean Currents work?

Clean Currents can switch you to a clean energy contract in deregulated energy markets like Maryland and DC. If unable to directly switch your contract, you can still become a green powered business through renewable energy credits (“RECs”)

  1. Fill out the Electricity Authorization form and fax it to us at 240-514-0190.  There’s no obligation, only to research usage history.
  2. We find the best rate and term from competing electricity providers Clean Currents negotiated with to offer green energy options.
  3. When you switch your power through Clean Currents, the electric company is still responsible for delivering your power.
    • No change to the reliability and customer service of your electricity supply.
    • Simply see a notation on your electricity bill that lets you know your dollars are allocated to clean green power
  4. Once Clean Currents customer, we work to educate your organization and customers about your choice

Why Go Clean Currents?

  • Clean Currents monitors the energy market daily so we can find you the lowest prices from a variety of competing suppliers.
  • Focused on green power supply and renewable energy credit (“RECs”)markets.
  • “Socially conscious” company that is a engaged in the lobbying and promotion of additional renewable energy for our region and nation

Why Go Green Now?

  • Your company will get very competitively priced green energy that can even save money compared to standard utility rates.
  • Your customers and employees will appreciate your commitment to the environment.
  • Avoid future energy price spikes – You can lock in rates for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

Clean power is available. It’s reliable. It’s easy.

Go Green, Go Now!

Now is the Time to Get Your Business Clean Currents Powered.

Fill out the Electricity Authorization form and fax it to us at 240-514-0190

or call 301-754-0430 for more information.