Golden West Cafe – #2 Best Bar in Hampden

It is easy to see why Golden West Cafe was just name #2 Best Bar in Hampden by City Paper’s Best of Baltimore. The menu is an eclectic mix of organic grass-fed beef, vegan BBQ riblet sandwich, Thai chicken and mint salad and their famous green chile sauce. What really sets Golden West apart is their focus on sustainability.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Kris Gobeil the General Manager and learn more about Golden West’s efforts. Kris explained that being 100% wind powered is only one of the many steps that they are taking. Composting and purchasing produce and meat from local, organic farms are other key initiatives. They purchase natural eggs from Springfield Farms in Sparks, MD.

The restaurant’s focus on local extends to their decision to become a Clean Currents customer. As a locally owned company, Clean Currents was a natural choice when it came time for Golden West to select a wind energy supplier. It is the hope of Golden West that “much like the push for organic and local, more restaurants will be pushed to use clean energy.” You can help Golden West in this quest by asking the restaurants, cafes and bars you frequent if they are powered by green energy.

Join us at Golden West on Thursday, October 18th for the B-more Wind Powered Happy Hour as part of Wind Powered Baltimore Week.  The first 20 people to mention Clean Currents get a free drink. In the meantime, watch for the new online Clean Currents ads that feature Golden West’s very own Kris Gobeil.