Green Summer Travel Tips

Who doesn’t love to travel light? Less of a load is always a welcome change. Reduce the load on your mind by traveling “light” and green! Here at Clean Currents, we came up with some great ways to minimize your impact on the planet while you enjoy your summer vacation.

1. Choose a local destination. Never been to that museum in the city? Or how about the beach only a train ride away? There are tons of local vacation destinations all over the U.S. and sure to be plenty in your state. Better yet, have a “staycation” and explore your own town! It’s a perfect chance to relax and enjoy the tourist sights in your area.

2. Travel Green. Avoid the stress and chaos of the airport AND cut your carbon emissions. Carpool or take public transportation to your vacation destination and once you get there! By finding a destination with public transportation, you can save money and emissions by avoiding renting a car. If there is no public transportation, rent a bike. It’s a great way to explore a new city and no need to find a parking spot!

3. Support Local. Immerse yourself in a new place by trying the local food. Buying local food not only boosts the local economy, but also reduces the carbon footprint of your food. Whether it’s mouth-watering local cheeses or plump, juicy peaches, buying local benefits everyone.

4. Reuse Linens. Ask your hotel staff not to change your sheets and towels daily. The Alliance for Water estimates that a hotel with around 200 rooms could save 220,000 gallons of water per year by guests reusing towels. That’s a ton of water you can help save!

5. Eco-Adventure! Explore all that Mother Nature has to offer and visit an eco-friendly destination. There are over 400 national parks in the United States alone. Camp outside and enjoy the stars instead of staying in a resource intensive hotel. Or if camping isn’t your cup of tea, stay at a bed and breakfast or a green hotel and explore the local parks or beach. Avoiding hotels can save you stress, money and most importantly, energy!