I Heart CC

For almost 4 years, I’ve been part of the Clean Currents team as we’ve worked hard to transform the relationship customers have with their electricity supplier. We want our customers to love their energy company. Based on some of our recent surveys, we’re doing pretty well on this front with both our business and individual customers. Getting positive comments from customers through emails, social media, and at events has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Now that I’m getting ready to say goodbye to head back to school, I wanted to share some of the reasons why I LOVE Clean Currents.

1) We care.

The people that work for this company have a tremendous amount of passion. As a group, we care about climate change, the environment, our community and – of course – our customers. Our kitchen conversations are often about local volunteer opportunities, our awesome new CSA, the Stop Keystone rally over the weekend, or an interesting Grist article about sustainability or environmentalism. In terms of caring about customers, my coworkers will stay late to figure out the answer to a tricky customer question or work evenings and weeknights to attend an event for one of our business customers — and always with a smile.

2) We like each other.

Not only do we care about what’s going on around us, but we also care about each other. That’s because we actually like each other (probably related to the fact that we have the first item in common). We laugh A LOT. There are several competing internal office currencies used to reward coworkers for doing helpful tasks and they are highly valued. Even when we disagree about work, it’s not personal and we thrive by collaborating and working together. I’m so used to this; it’s hard for me to imagine the cut-throat office environments I hear about from my friends. We have office bake offs, amazing potluck lunches (there are a lot of foodies here), white elephant holiday parties, and monthly happy hours. This spring, almost 20 of us went to Shenandoah for an amazing weekend of hiking, camping, eating and fun.

3) We work hard, but know that life is important too.

Since we’re passionate and we like each other, we tend to spend a lot of time in the office. This is not a 9-5 kind of place, and many people put in extra hours on a regular basis. But for the most part this is manageable. On Thursdays, we do group fitness — usually Yogalates, led by Kristin, but also Brazilian dancing, zumba, and Jillian Michaels videos.

We don’t always make it out for lunch, but we try to get out and eat on in the courtyard at least a few times a week. These things definitely help keep us sane. Also, this group is incredibly supportive whenever someone needs help. Whether it’s picking up extra work when someone needs to take a few days off unexpectedly or bringing over soup when someone is sick, people here volunteer to help so quickly, you never have to ask.

When we’re hiring new employees, we always tell them about the “Green Benefits” Package which includes things like transit and bike subsidies, discounts on Energy Star Appliances, and reimbursement for gym memberships and CSAs. But in my opinion, the biggest benefit of working here is the wonderful group of people that are your coworkers. My Clean Currents family is the best. I’m going to miss you guys!