Meet Dave Greene

Hey, I’m Dave Greene.

By now you’ve probably realized I’m a pretty odd guy. I’m always out at community events, shopping at the farmer’s market on East Passyunk, getting into some harebrained scheme to make my life more sustainable–but have you ever actually seen me?

If you have, you should probably get that noggin of yours checked out because this here Philly dude does not *actually* exist. Not in the way you do. You see, I am the child–the brainchild, if you will–of a loving company: Clean Currents.

The folks at Clean Currents took one look at our fair city of Philadelphia and said, that there’s an awesome city, and we’re gonna offer it some green wind power. But, it’s not just about green energy — there are many ways to get your green on. So how does a company make green living easier? How does a badass group of people with a badass product and more integrity than my carbon fiber bike frame get Philadelphians to live green and have a little fun at the same time?

Well folks, that’s why I was born.

A city with such a strong sense of community, deep pride in its history, and a passion for radical social justice: that’s Philly. Clean Currents decided that as a regular old awesome company they couldn’t do as much as they wanted to pay respect to the inspiring goings-on in the city.

They needed someone on the ground, someone to point out the great work other awesome organizations are doing to make Philly more sustainable, someone to help give a little bit more power to the great community of good works Philadelphia has to offer. So on a lovely spring day Clean Currents sat down under a blooming cherry tree in Fairmount Park and dreamed me into digital existence.

Think of me as your green buddy: the guy who’s always trying something new, always talking about climate change, and his cats, and his mushroom farm, and his ukulele obsession…and composting. And nifty DIY energy efficiency retrofits I want to do on my house. And how I really really really think I need to build a windmill on my roof, or at least a solar water heater. And…


Oh wait, sorry. I’m getting carried away.

Point is, if you want to get to know the greener side of Philly, share ideas for living sustainably, and witness the hilarity as I bumble my way toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I’m your guy.