Green-e Energy Certified Wind Power

What is Green-e Energy?

Clean Currents offers wind power sourced from both local and national sources and is the ONLY energy company in the Mid-Atlantic region to exclusively offer products that are Green-e Energy certified.

Established and administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions, Green-e Energy is a certification standard that ensures that a renewable energy product meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards.  When you choose Clean Currents wind power you can be assured that:

  • You are supporting new renewable resources: The windmill, that produced your renewable energy was built since 1997
  • There has been no double selling: You are the only one that can claim the benefits of the wind power you purchased; these benefits include the fact that renewable energy produces little or no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Your purchase goes beyond business as usual: You are buying renewable energy beyond what is required by law or claimed within a state mandate, and are helping expand the production of domestic renewable energy

For more information on Green-e Energy certification, call 1-888-63-GREEN or visit

Clean Currents Green-e Energy certified Wind Power:

  1. Neighborhood Wind™ The highest quality Green-e Energy certified wind power produced within our local electricity grid.  Clean Currents purchases wind power from wind farms located regionally, meaning the source of electricity for your home is not only local, you are also helping to increase the share of wind power in the Mid-Atlantic.
  2. National Wind RECs Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind farms located across the country.  You can support the domestic wind power industry with Clean Currents National Wind – green power that’s effective and affordable.