Meet Nick Zahn, Clean Currents Customer of the Month

“I work everyday to be an example for green living,” says Nick, our Baltimore based customer of the month.

As a Geologist for the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Solid Waste program, he spends his days protecting the environment from water and air pollution caused by landfills. Previously, he worked as an energy efficiency analyst with ecobeco, quantifying savings from energy efficient home improvements.

His commitment to sustainability goes beyond his day job. From reducing his energy consumption through BGE’s smart energy saver program to biking to work, he reduces green house gas emissions. And, for all the electricity he does use, it’s offset by Clean Currents wind power.

In his spare time Nick uses wind power for fun. He is a frequent Chesapeake Bay sailor and sails out of Annapolis. When he comes back to shore, Nick enjoys dinner and drinks at his favorite wind powered business, Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport.

Nick currently lives in the Wakefeild neighborhood of Southwest Baltimore City.  In the next few months he and his wife hope to buy a home in Baltimore County. So, why is Nick a Clean Currents customer? “I enjoy knowing that I am helping to clean the air and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,” he says.