500 Miles and 500 Stories – A Worthwhile Trip

This Sunday, I had the privilege of watching Cassie Meador’s How to Lose a Mountain — the story of her 500 mile journey to uncover the energy sources that power her home in Takoma, Washington, DC. Cassie’s inspiring story hit home with the audience as we were taken through a journey of gain and loss, despair and hope, and the use and reuse of our natural resources.

This innovative social and environmental initiative touched various communities between DC and West Virginia, where Cassie visited a mountain top removal site. Along the 500 mile journey, Cassie engaged community members, taking stories of individuals along the way to incorporate in her How to Lose a Mountain performance. The incredibly creative interpretation of the story captivated the audience and opened eyes to the delicate relationship between humans and our surroundings.

Because of Cassie’s dedication to her work, her studio at Dance Exchange and the Dance Place studio (where the premiere was held) are 100% wind powered by Clean Currents. We have partnered with our friends at Dance Exchange to reward each home that signs up for wind power with a $30 donation to Dance Exchange. If you love Dance Exchange and haven’t yet made the switch, learn more at