Melissa & Brian go Solar Thermal

Melissa and Brian of Davidsonville, MD, recently installed a solar thermal system on their roof. They talk with us about why they chose to install a solar thermal system and gave us some tips on how to live a greener life.

Where did you first hear about Clean Currents’ solar water heating solutions?

We first read about Clean Currents in a local magazine called Nesting, and when we asked an environmentally-savvy friend about her solar water panels, she whole-heartedly recommended Clean Currents. Now we recommend Clean Currents.

Why did you choose to have a solar water heating system installed on your home?

We have a big house that, if we’re not careful, could take us down in energy costs. As a family of five we use a lot of hot water — for bathing, dishwashing, and clothes washing. Since we use well water, we essentially have free water. With the solar thermal system, we essentially have free hot water.

What would you say to someone who is interested in owning solar thermal panels?

If you have a suitable location for the solar panels and can afford to front the money for the installation, go for it. The tax incentives — from the county, state and federal government — and energy credit buy-back program greatly reduce the final out-of-pocket cost. The solar panels are a home improvement investment that really pays off.

What is something, beyond being a Clean Currents solar thermal customer, that you do in an effort to live a greener life?

We make significant use of Anne Arundel County’s curbside recycling program, drive a hybrid Honda Insight, use programmable thermostats, raise backyard chickens for eggs, and — because we don’t use pesticides and fertilizers — have an au natural, often weed-strewn lawn.