These People Really Know How to Energize Responsibly

This spring we’ve gone from Charm City Run’s birthday celebration to Tour Dem Parks, Hon! to ask you what makes you feel energized. We got some great answers ranging from hiking, biking and running to an office favorite of: “I’m on a trail deep in the woods; I can’t hear anything but the trees blowing”.

Hundreds of people have pledged to Energize Responsibly by ditching dirty power and supporting wind power at home. And, these three lucky pledge takers are taking home our grand prizes:

  • Katrina W. — Specialized Brand Bike
  • Bob B. — ChicoBag Day Pack filled with a Kleen Kanteen and Michele’s Granola
  • Paul L. — Charm City Run gift card

There’s still time to complete your pledge and switch your home to wind power. By supporting wind, you help reduce air pollution. That means fewer code red and orange days, and that sounds pretty good to us.

For the past few months, we’ve asked you what makes you feel energized. For us, the answer is simple: we’re energized by powering a movement of people who are committed to a sustainable future.

Thanks to our Energize Responsibly Partners: Baltimore Bicycle Works, Bike MD, B’more Organic, Clean Air Partners, Charm City Run, Michele’s Granola, MOM’s Organic Market, Tour Dem Parks