Clean Current is Now an Independent Electricity Supplier

As of July 15, 2011 Clean Currents is no longer affiliated with WGES and is now a full-fledged & independent electricity supplier

For anyone who enrolled with Clean Currents AFTER July 15, 2011, Clean Currents will serve as your sole electricity supplier.

If you enrolled with Clean Currents BEFORE July 15, 2011 this transition from wind power broker to wind power supplier will NOT affect the terms of your contract or the delivery of wind power to your home!  You will continue to receive reliable power and service through the end of your current contract!  But in order to remain a Clean Currents customer, you will have to take action as your current electricity contract approaches expiration!

  • As the expiration date of your current contract approaches you should expect to receive a renewal letter in the mail from WGES
  • If you would like to be supplied directly by Clean Currents, you will have to REJECT WGES’s renewal offer and enroll through our website
  • *Be sure to check when your current electricity contract expires before enrolling, otherwise youmay face an early termination fee from WGES!  You can do this by calling WGES at 888.884.9437

If your current electricity contract is nearing expiration and you have received a renewal notice in the mail from WGES, you will need to contact them at (888-884-9437) and reject their renewal offer.  *If you do not do this, you will be automatically renewed directly with WGES and will no longer be a Clean Currents customer.  Once you have rejected the WGES renewal offer, you will be free to enroll in a new electricity contract with Clean Currents.   

If you have time remaining in your electricity contract and have not yet received a renewal notice from WGES you do not have to take any action at the moment.  If you attempt to enroll in one of our wind power offers you may face a cancelation penalty from WGES.  To avoid this you will have to wait until you receive a renewal notice from WGES before acting.

Clean Currents will continue to offer its affordable 50% and 100% wind power sourced from wind farms across the country with our National Wind RECs product.

But we have also rolled out our newest offer, Neighborhood Wind™, which is a premium wind power product produced by local wind farms located within our regional grid.

  • Our commitment to our customers and the communities in which we operate
  • Our passion for clean energy and reducing our nation’s carbon emissions
  • Our focus on sustainability – Clean Currents is the ONLY energy company in the region that exclusively offers Green-e Energy certified wind power and the only energy company that is both acertified B-Corp and a registered Benefit LLC

Clean Currents is stronger than ever, with our transition to a full-fledged electricity supplier, we are able to better serve our customers and ensure that the products we provide meet rigorous third party verified environmental standards.

  • Truly Green:  Be sure to check the facts behind a company’s green claims.  Are their claims certified by an impartial third-party?  Have they gone through reputable green screening processes?  Any company can say they are green, but it’s meaningless without verification.  Clean Currents is the only energy company in the Mid-Atlantic that is certified for sustainable operations by two separate, independent groups – Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection Green Business Certification Program, and B Corporation.
  • A Different Kind of Business:  We are a Certified B Corporation, one of only a dozen in the Maryland and DC area, and the only energy company with this designation.  This means that we put our commitment to sustainable operations, stakeholder engagement, and transparency right into our legal operating agreements.  In other words, our green claims are real and not just marketing ploys.
  • Advocating Green Solutions:  When you support Clean Currents with your wind power purchase, you are getting an environmental “two-fer.”  We not only sell wind power, but we support several partner organizations in advocating for positive environmental legislation.  For example, Clean Currents has been integral in pushing for the Offshore Wind bill in Maryland, which will bring large wind farms to our coastal areas.  Our competitors may sell wind power, but many have lobbied to kill good environmental and clean energy bills like the Offshore Wind Bill.  Only Clean Currents has a 100% record of supporting clean energy legislation in Maryland and Washington, DC.
  • Local:  Clean Currents was started by local Maryland entrepreneurs and is an integral part of Maryland and Washington DC’s civic life through the many groups our team is a part of as well as the deep connections we have in the greater community. 
  • Flexible Options:  Clean Currents offers LOCAL as well as NATIONAL wind.  You can choose which you prefer.
  • Highest Standards:  All of our energy products are Green-e Energy certified.  This is important because having a third party independently verify that our products meet the highest environmental quality standards ensures that you, the consumer are getting exactly what you pay for.  When other energy companies tell you they are selling you green power, you have no guarantee on exactly the kind of green power they are selling you!
  • What We Don’t Sell:  Unlike our competitors, some of whom try to say they are “green”, we do not make the vast majority of our money by selling carbon-emitting energy. In fact, Clean Currents doesn’t sell ANY polluting energy products!


We hope that this guide helped clarify our current situation and we hope that you will join us in this next phase of growth!

CONTACT US if you have any questions or comments and thank you for your continued support.

~Team Clean Currents