What is the Green Neighborhood Challenge?

The Green Neighborhood Challenge (GNEC) is Clean Currents’ hallmark community engagement program for groups to get involved in clean energy, fundraise, and help build a more sustainable community!


  • Educate Friends and neighbors about clean energy and living sustainably
  • Encourage Community members to adopt eco-friendly habits
  • Inspire Individuals to get involved in the clean energy movement!

Program Runs October 1st – Earth Day (April 22nd) Annually

Forty-five diverse groups ranging from community associations, to school clubs, to faith-based organizations. Additional groups can join-in the action at anytime. Get involved now.


  • Based upon your group’s level of involvement, Clean Currents will make a donation to your group to go towards financing a “greening project” of your choice.
  • Ability to work closely with program coordinator to develop an effective action plan.
  • Free educational opportunities including sustainability workshops and seminars on topics such as energy efficiency, environmental policy, and climate change.
  • GNEC participants learn how to effectifvely engage in environmtntal stewardship, advocacy and political activism.
  • Connect with like-minded local advocates and passionate community members.
  • Build a more sustainable community and contribute to a clean energy future!

How Does the Green Neighborhood Challenge Work?

  1. Register your group by completing this form (please provide your name and the name of the group you are registering) .
    **If your community is already registered, simply reference them when you sign-up for wind power at your home**
  2. Encourage your neighbors and friends to sign-up for Clean Currents wind power at home and remind them to reference your community or group
  3. Clean Currents will provide info and materials to help you and your group members spread the word about wind power
  4. The Clean Currents Team is available to give in-person presentations at your next community or group meeting
  5. If you have questions, you can contact us.