What Makes You Feel Energized?

As we’re asking people to Energize Responsibly this spring, we wanted to know what gets people up and moving. Here’s what we found:

The American Lung Association just released their new State of the Air Report for 2013, and things are looking up, especially for Baltimore, MD. But, nationwide, there are 131.8 million people living in areas with unhealthy pollution — that’s 42% of the nation!

Despite advances in reducing pollution from coal fired power plants, they are still one of the largest contributors to particle pollution, ozone pollution, mercury, and climate change.

By switching your home to clean, wind power you’re helping us get one step closer to clean air for everyone. Have you taken the pledge to ditch dirty air yet? If not, join us and be part of a clean energy future.


Let’s Ditch Dirty Air and Energize Responsibly

Energize Responsibly

American Lung Association State of the Air Report 2013